ANPC Ambassador - Justin North

by Rachel Boutagy

You know those old excuses we often hear (and sometimes use) with regard to our health and fitness...'I just don't have time' or 'I'm too busy', or 'I'm too tired'. Well the following short interview with award winning chef, family man and ANPC ambassador Justin North is about to blow all of those excuses out of the water.

Justin puts the same amount of energy into his training sessions as his food - and the results speak for themselves. Here is a little interview we did with him recently.

What is a typical day in the life of a chef?

I don’t think there is a typical day as each day can be quite varied, the hours long, the conditions extreme and the stress high. However whether the day starts in the gym or at the market the most important thing is that you are in a peak state to take on the challenges of each day, be in the zone, focused and passionate about sourcing, cooking and communicating about great ingredients, beautiful food and good technique. This could be in the restaurant, in the media or holding a cookery demonstration or forum.

How do you squeeze your exercise in and what kind of exercise are you doing?

Balance is the hardest thing to get right, I have learnt over the years, as a chef operating without balance can be dangerous. I believe in getting quality sleep, eating well, family time and staying fit & strong – this to me is the basis & foundation to structure a good focused career – certainly to get longevity. I like to start the day with a good strength session in the gym, and I’ll try to fit in a couple of interval sessions on the bike during the week. Tony mixes up my programs monthly depending on the focus – at the moment we are wave training.

Whats the longest day you have ever worked and the most people you have ever fed?

When I was training in Europe the days were incredibly long, also when I opened my first restaurant, we would often start before 7am and not finish until well after midnight, by the time you unwind and get to bed – there is not much time for sleep! I’m not sure the most amount of people I have fed, in a function style event – Oz Harvest charity is massive we feed up to 1000 homeless at a time – although there are hundreds of chefs and volunteers helping.

How do you unwind?

I love spending time training in the gym or out on my bike, fresh air, quiet and challenging yourself up and down hills is a good way to escape & unwind – the feeling after an intense session is wonderful!

What are your most memorable meals?

To me food is about sharing and being with friends and loved ones just as much as it is about the food itself. I love to travel and being immersed in different cultures & learning new recipes and techniques.

What is your favourite thing to cook at home?

I love cooking at home for my family and getting the kids involved, slow cooked lamb shoulder and Sunday roasts at home are my favourites!

ANPC are absolutely honoured to have Justin on our team of ambassadors, and pretty chuffed that our protein powders passed the test of a palate such as his!

Now get off your backsides and go and do some training! If Justin can fit it in, then so can you!