Get Your Organic Green Smoothies On!

by Rachel Boutagy

Here at ANPC, we love innovative products that have the best interest of your health at the forefront. We also love supporting other business that are in line with our philosophy. And it just so happens that after working in the health and fitness industry for decades, you manage to get to know a lot other like minded heath and fitness professionals. The industry generally attracts individuals who have personally experienced and benefited from living a healthy lifestyle, but who are passionate about teaching and sharing those benefits with others.

So with that in mind, we would like to introduce you to our friends at The ANPC team have known Sky (founder and chief smoothie maker) for decades, and a warmer, more genuine lady we can not name. We aren't promoting Sky because she is a friend though, thats just a bonus. She has actually put together an amazing product and we want to share it with you. 










Here is Sky's story:

I'm a Brisbane mum of two primary school age children.  I spent the first 25 years of my adult life as a personal trainer.

Before motherhood, I was a competitive athlete as a Bodybuilder and a University Judo Player.  This meant I needed to understand what nutrition was required to perform at an elite level.

I've transitioned from the fitness industry to the healthy eating industry... only by accident though. My relationship with exercise is great but I have never enjoyed vegetables. After years of mediocre nutrition and a lot of colds and flues, it was time to improve my relationship with vegetables.

​I supplemented with expensive vitamins and ate more vegetables but the preparation for vegetables to be palatable was a lot of effort and distasteful to me.  I understand many people enjoy vegetables, I'm just not one of them....until ordering a green juice in a cafe after a big night out.  An $8 beverage: satisfying and refreshing but expensive and lacked its potential in nutrients because it was so watered down.

Green Smoothies are time consuming to prepare everyday, so I decided to make large batches to freeze.  I studied the Australian recommended nutritional serve and finessed the ingredients to match those recommendations, at the same time maintaining a pleasant taste. 

Since drinking my smoothies every morning, I have not been sick with cold or flu symptoms, I look and feel better and my body recovers faster post training.  My family enjoys them too.

I offer green smoothies instead of wine to visiting friends, their reactions have been so positive with requests for more. After an extensive search to buy a similar product for myself, which does not exist, it was a pretty easy decision to produce commercially myself and share with you.

So what is it?

  • Take home green smoothies - each beverage frozen into a pod
  • A 100ml pod contains a seasonal concentrated blend of organic vegetables and fruit (equating to one recommended nutritional serve), which can be mixed with coconut water, chilled water or mineral water.
  • Dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free, no chemicals, no added sugar










How easy is that! Buy in a weekly pack and have your weeks green smoothies stored in your freezer ready to go. But where can you get these beauties?

Sky can deliver to a small radius of Brisbane locals for a small fee (check out her webpage to see if you qualify), but you can also find her at:

BRISBANE FRESH MARKETS - 385 Sherwood Rd, Rocklea, QLD:               Saturdays 6am-12pm

NORTHEY STREET ORGANIC MARKETS - Cnr Northey Street and Victoria Street, Windsor, QLD:  Sundays 6am-11am

If you are Brisbane local, go and check it out, meet Sky and try this awesome nutritional bullet. And if you happen to see her at the Brisbane Fresh Markets then you will have the opportunity to buy our blends there at her stall too :-) Talk about complete nutrition! 

One last thing. Small family run businesses take time to grow and depend on the support and word of mouth of their customers. If you think this product is awesome and would like to see it more widely available, then get in touch with Sky, tell your friends about it and let your local grocer know that you would like to see this product on their shelves. Every bit of support helps the little guys get in front of and help more people.

Quite frankly, I would LOVE to see Sky's product in the freezer isle of my local (as we are not in Brisbane booo!) and I intend to let them know.

Happy Smoothy-ing everyone.