Kaye Scott - 2018 Commonwealth Games Medallist - Interview

by Rachel Boutagy

Our amazing ambassador Kaye Scott, recently came home from the Commonwealth Games with the Bronze medal! Proud as punch we are, here at ANPC. We managed to steal a moment from Kaye to find out about her Comm Games experience, have some tabloid stories debunked, and find out what she has been up to since then. 

Did you take any time out after the Games? What did you do?

I had 1 full week off exercise and 2 weeks out of the boxing gym post Commonwealth Games. I stayed up in Queensland with one of my team mates, Anja, for 5 days and enjoyed the beach, walking, shopping, reading and good food! 

What is on the cards for the rest of 2018?

2018 is a relatively big competition year, for the female fighters. We have another major benchmark competition, The World Championships, held during November. The Australian trials to make that team are held late July over in Perth. I plan on more international competition and training camps prior to Worlds. 

100,000 condoms were given out in the Commonwealth village? What do you think most of them were really used for? 

I honestly think that figure is made up by a tabloid magazine. There was only one area that I saw condoms out and available for supply in a big bowl. During competition period (boxing carries through until the second last day of the Games) no one is focused on trying to have sex. You’ve just dedicated 4 years of your life to achieve a goal....that’s where your focus remains.

Did you get hit on a lot buy those weedy long distance runners?

Ah hahaha! No, I didn’t have too much interaction with the athletics squad!

What do you usually do in the hour leading up to a big fight?

Out the back there’s usually an assigned room or space where your coaching team and the athlete stay. I’m usually trying to stay relaxed; either listening to music or maybe watching some of the prior bouts on the TV. Then of course the warmup procedure commenced. 

A little birdie has told me you are trying to do technology free days? How is that going for you and what benefits are you feeling for it?

I have yet to be successful in achieving this! Lol 

How many strength sessions do you do in a week?

My current program has 3 strength sessions per week. That’s usually the highest volume of strength sessions each week that I’m able to manage. 

How many non-specific cards sessions would you do?

Completely depends on where I am in my training program. I generally train 2-3 sessions per day. At least 1 of those session is a boxing specific session. The remainder include cardio conditioning (HIIT, trackwork), strength, yoga, pilates and I’ve recently started doing an adults gymnastics session 1x week. 

How many technical sessions do you do in a week?

Minimum 1 boxing session each day. 

How do you balance your recovery with your work life?

I struggle a little in this area. I sometimes feel myself getting burnt out; juggling full time training and work is difficult. Regular massage, meditation and Sunday “me” time helps with the balance. 

What are your 'vice' foods?

My guilty pleasures would be ice cream, chocolate and I get very unusual urges for hot chips/wedges (usually when I’m making weight). 

How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

Usually 7-8; I know it should be even more and am working on it!! 

How many hours in a week are you training in total?

Session lengths vary from week to week. Duration can vary from 30mins through to 2.5hrs. As mentioned earlier 2-3 sessions per day, 6 days per week. 
You can't not admire the integrity, work ethic and dedication of the girl. Kaye you really are an inspiration to so many people in so many different ways. We look forward to seeing you at the Worlds in November and hope you have an incredible training and competition run up to that time.