One Whey Protein Breakfast Smoothy Please...

by Rachel Boutagy

Not sure what to have for breakfast this morning? Well how about a whey protein shake or smoothy?

Acute studies show that addition of whey protein at breakfast has a glucose-lowering effect through increased incretin and insulin secretion, but it's long term effect has not been known until now.

 In a recent study, 56 type-2 diabetics were given either a whey protein-based breakfast, a varied protein source diet or a high carbohydrate breakfast.

After 12 weeks, all participants were measured for markers of type-2 diabetes. 

The whey protein-based breakfast group showed the greatest reduction in post meal blood glucose, insulin, C-peptide, iGLP-1 and satiety scores. The whey protein-based breakfast group also showed the greatest reduction in HbA1c, and lost the most weight.

Time to crack out that blender and start planning your whey breakfast people!

A favourite of ours (and a hit with the kids) goes like this:

1 small banana
1 small mango
60g ANPC Pure Vanilla Bean WPC
1 stock ice-cube
1 teaspoon of medicinal mushrooms
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
1 cup full cream organic milk
Honey to taste
Blend it up and serve with a straw!