Our Pure Vanilla Bean Blend is Changing! Plus other Vanilla Updates...

by Rachel Boutagy

Australian Natural Protein Company is one of a diminishing number of protein powder companies who still use real vanilla bean, and the only company using a grade of vanilla bean found in the best restaurants across the world. 

The purity and flavour of our vanilla bean enables us to achieve a true vanilla experience without having to add anything else. There are no artificial OR natural flavours in our blends (see our blog post for more on this topic).

Due to the natural sweet taste of the vanilla bean, we have decided to reduce the amount of stevia we put in our Pure Vanilla Bean blend. We asked what people thought, and were told it was a little too sweet. We listened and so now you will find it is just 'mildly sweet'. And for those of you who like it a bit sweeter, you can still add some local honey, or sweeten it up with your favourite fruits. 

We have a limited number of the original 'sweeter' vanilla bean blends remaining, so if this is the one you love, grab it now before it is gone! And if you are devastated to see the sweeter version go, please drop us a line and let us know at: 


Here are some interesting facts about Vanilla Bean that maybe you didn't know...

  • Producing vanilla is among the most labour, capital and time intensive agricultural processes on Earth. The plants take several years to begin to bear fruit. To ensure the highest quality beans and to avoid stressing the vanilla vine, farmers typically pollinate about eight to 10 flowers on each vine using a painstaking labour intensive by-hand process perfected several centuries ago. It’s between 14-15 months later that the crop is completely cured, and dried and ready for processing.
  • The global market for vanilla, centered in Madagascar, has experienced significant volatility in the last two years as the entire supply chain has struggled with price fluctuations, limited supply and substandard farming and harvesting practices that reduce the quality of beans. Trends in Madagascar such as vacuum packing, quick curing of green vanilla and extraction of green vanilla beans have all had a considerable negative effect on the quality of production.
  • Global vanilla production will continue to be driven by what happens in Madagascar however, despite increased plantings of vanilla vines in other high-potential growing regions such as Uganda and India, it will take years for production to sufficiently increase to meet growing global demand.
  • Global demand for pure and natural vanilla remains strong, and it will take years for the sector to begin rebuilding depleted inventories. The entire supply chain will be watching with great anticipation in the coming months to see how the flowering of next year’s Madagascar crop looks, as this is an important leading indicator towards the potential size of the next harvest, and ultimately the long-term direction of prices.

Despite the cost of our vanilla bean rising with such velocity that it is almost worth its weight in gold, we have decided not to reduce the grade or add nasty additions to try to achieve the same taste for a better bottom line. It's just not how we roll. You will continue to find the very best and purest vanilla bean in our products, and can rest assured that we are putting you and your health first. We are absorbing the bulk of this cost, as we are confident the prices will return to normal in a few years time, and have passed only a small amount to our customers to enable us to keep this uniquely premium quality blend possible.

We thank you for your continued support and will keep you posted on what transpires in the Vanilla Bean market as it happens.