The Milk Maid Marion. A Blog About Australian Dairy Farming.

by Rachel Boutagy

If you are in any way interested in the dairy industry in this country, the farmers, the welfare of the animals, the way things are done, the big players...this is your go to blog. 

We love Marion's honest and well rounded summations of daily life on a dairy farm, what really goes on and the real issues that are faced.

At a time when we are questioning every aspect about the production of our food, it is critical that we get the full picture and not get swept up in the sensationalism that occurs so frequently.

Talk to the farmers, talk to the welfare groups, talk to people who are actually in the dairy industry doing the daily grind and ask them questions or visit your closest dairy farm for a tour so you can see it for yourself. Then have your own opinion.

Or....just check out this amazing blog which covers pretty much every dairy farming related issue you can imagine!

Here is the link!