Understanding protein content on nutritional labels...

by Rachel Boutagy

Our whey protein powders contain roughly 65-70grams of actual protein per 100g. This number is called the actual protein, meaning that if you were to measure out 100grams of our product, it will contain 65-70 grams of actual protein.

Sounds pretty obvious right? Not always. Currently some companies are choosing to report their protein content as dry weight or dry basis, meaning that if you removed all the moisture from the same 100 grams of product, and then measured the protein content, as a percentage it would be much higher. Which looks pretty impressive on a nutritional label right? If you didn’t know the difference, and you were looking for the highest protein per serve as you could get, then you may end up choosing the product that has reported the dry weight right?

At ANPC we find this way of reporting protein content to be confusing, and misleading. We are going to take a punt and say that you are most likely to never dry your protein powder out for 4 or more hours at 104 degrees C to remove the moisture. Therefore using the dry basis reading on a nutritional panel is ultimately just going to confuse you and have you not consuming the amount of protein you thought you were.

We are sure that you would agree that the world of nutrition is confusing enough. That why ANPC have decided to be as transparent about our product as possible and report on our labels in a way that makes sense to our customers and helps us to feel warm and fuzzy.