A few good reasons for choosing ANPC's protein blends....

A few good reasons for choosing ANPC's protein blends....
  • Integrity and transparency: We want to provide something truly wonderful that will benefit your health and your training. We will go to whatever measures necessary to do so. This means we don't go for cost cutting alternatives at the expense of our best interest - that being your health. We also won't use trickery to have you believe that you are consuming something good when in fact it is not. We will always be honest and provide you with all the information about our ingredients and the reasons why they appear in our products.
  • We source whey from 100% Australian grass-fed dairy cattle.                                                   Our whey comes from happy cows that graze on the lush pastures of the south-western coast of Victoria. Being certified pasture-fed, means that for at least 70% of any year the cows diet consists of only the naturally occurring grass in the field in which they live. Outside of this, at times of the year when grass does not flourish, they are fed green vegetation (known as silage). In rare and extreme circumstances such as drought, the cows will be fed Australian grains as a means of preservation.
  • We use only the finest restaurant quality real foods to add nutrients and flavour. We spare no expense to use ingredients that are only the very finest, sourced locally and used by some of the best restaurants in the country. We do not use cheaper alternatives such as 'natural flavours' to give our products their superior taste. Our ingredients are of such high quality that we don't need to (plus we find the alternative to be misleading).  
  • All of our ingredients are beneficial and we exclude anything else that is unproven or unnecessary. We just simply don't add anything that you don't need. Just great quality whey protein powder that does the job it is meant to do. And it just happens to taste unbelievable good. Plus, our products are certified gluten-free and a good source of dietary fibre.

So lets re-cap:

  • No additives
  • No feed lot, grain-fed whey
  • Locally made
  • Thoroughly researched
  • The best possible ingredients

That's our promise to you.

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