Australian Natural Protein Company was founded by exercise scientists, who are also parents and advocates for all things health, wellbeing and fitness.

Having been qualified in exercise science over 25 years, we've been fortunate to work alongside some of the leading authorities in the fitness industry. 

From our love of good food and health, we transformed our passion for helping others towards a product that didn't exist in the market - something purely good for you, and also sustainable for our world.

We love seeing people get strong, healthy and most of all happy, which is why we created something purely beneficial for your body with the finest Australian whey.



We couldn't find what we were looking for.

We get asked a lot of questions about which supplements to take for weight management and to maximise recovery from exercise. Unfortunately most of the supplements on the market are based on pseudo-science (no solid evidence to support their effectiveness) or packed with all kinds of nasty fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

We didn't want our clients, family or friends to take the bad stuff. 

Good, evidence based nutrition has always played an integral part in the successes of our clients. A plethora of research conducted over the past three decades has convincingly demonstrated the benefits of consuming a high quality protein source in close proximity to a weights training session to increase strength, muscle mass and improve body composition.

There is virtually unanimous agreement amongst specialists that whey protein is the ideal choice in this context, owing to its superior amino acid profile, rapid rate of delivery to working muscles and the highest ability to turn on muscle protein synthesis when compared to all other proteins. Sadly, the vast majority of supplemental whey protein powders, contain whey from feed-lot, grain-fed cows, an impressive array of artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable chemical additives, and a host of unproven ingredients.

So we decided to make our own.

And so after years of unsuccessfully trying to source a yummy, locally made, natural, evidence based whey protein powder for our clients and families, we created Australian Natural Protein Company


Our recipe uses lashings of research and integrity, formulated with your very best health in mind.


We want to provide something truly enjoyable that will benefit your health and your training. We will go to whatever measures necessary to do so. This means we don't go for cost cutting alternatives at the expense of your best interest - your health. We also won't use trickery to have you believe that you are consuming something good when in fact it is not. We will always be honest and provide you with all the information about our ingredients and the reasons why they appear in our products.

We are only interested in foods that are real, and don't mess up our gut flora. There is a real problem in our current food industry that values dollars over health, and this is why we are having so many issues with the natural functions of our bodies. We make sure that our flavours are real which is why it just tastes SO GOOD. Our vanilla beans are straight from the vines, and our cocoa beans are harvested organically. The reason why the finest restaurants in the world use farm-to-table ingredients is simply because it's better. This is why we do this too. 

We care deeply about where our ingredients come from, and expect the same from our suppliers. The whey comes from 100% healthy and well cared for Australian grass-fed dairy cattle. Our suppliers have a zero tolerance policy for any act of animal cruelty and the farms are routinely audited to ensure they are complying with excellent animal care standards. The dairy cows graze on the lush pastures of the south-western coast of Victoria. Being certified pasture-fed, means that for at least 70% of any year the cows diet consists of only the naturally occurring grass in the field in which they live. Outside of this, at times of the year when grass does not flourish, they are fed green vegetation (known as silage). In rare and extreme circumstances such as drought, the cows will be fed Australian grains as a means of preservation.

All of the ingredients are beneficial and we exclude anything else that is unproven or unnecessary. We just simply don't add anything that you don't need. Just great quality whey protein powder that does the job it is meant to do. And it just happens to taste unbelievably good. Plus, the products are certified gluten-free, is packed full of prebiotic goodness, and a good source of dietary fibre.

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So lets re-cap.






That's our promise to you. 

We sincerely hope you love and enjoy the benefits of consuming our blends as much as we do, and feel good that you are supporting an Australian business.


 Yours in health, 




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