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Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa)


Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa)
Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa) Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa) Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa) Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa) Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa) Whey Protein Powder (Cocoa)

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Australian Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate with Organic Artisan Cocoa


  • Build Muscle
  • Assist Weight Loss
  • Maximise Athletic Performance 
  • Enhance Recovery 
    Smooth and velvety, our cocoa blend would make even the most die-hard chocolate lovers weep with happiness. Our cocoa beans have been ethically sourced and roasted in small batches using artisan methods, allowing time for the cocoa beans inherent flavour to emerge.

    This is the intelligent choice for a pre or post training drink, providing all of the health benefits of whey protein powder without any nasty fillers or additives.

    • No artificial or 'natural' flavours! Ever wondered why we don't offer dozens of different flavour options? Its because we use the real foods to flavour! Synthetic flavours are not good for you. If we cant make it taste incredible naturally, then we don't make it. Read More...
    • No fillers or preservatives - which are only there to extend the shelf life. Our blends are so delicious they wont have a chance to collect dust on the shelf.
    • No added emulsifiers or thickeners. If it foams or mixes instantaneously it is likely to be full of these nasties. They cause devastation to your friendly gut flora which can lead to a load of not very nice health problems! Read More...
    • No feed-lot whey. Our whey comes from cows that eat real, unprocessed food. The result is a whey protein concentrate that is much richer in vitamins and antioxidants than the grain-fed alternatives.  

      Mix it with water or your favourite milk or milk alternative for a truly delicious drink!

      • 60grams of protein per serve
      • A good source of dietary fibre & certified gluten free
      • Only a touch of sweetness (we use an incy, wincy amount of stevia)



      Includes a bonus healthy Keto Icecream recipe from award winning chef and ANPC Ambassador Justin North.

      *this is an ebook. Upon purchase you will receive an email with the downloadable recipe guide.

      Let's go all the whey!