As we gear up for the silly season it's so important to plan for success.
We've put together these summer survival tips for you:
  1. Start your training program now. Be consistent. You will be more motivated to stay on the wagon if you have been in a good routine for a month or more.
  2. Don't go to parties hungry. Make and eat a huge salad with lots of variety and fill your tummy with lots of fibre (and not so many calories).
  3. Have a party plan so you don't graze. If there is lots of yummy things there, make a plate of it as if its a meal, eat it and then be done. Don't keep eating all day/night.
  4. Bring a plate with a healthy alternative (see recipes) and snack on those.

And if you do have a blow out, don't worry! You can't put on 3 kilos of fat tissue is one night. If you have its fluid. Just let it go and get back to your exercise routine. You already have a month under your belt - you are on the path toward your goals. To help you survive and thrive this summer, we are giving away a Summer Protein Power Pack! 1 x 1kg Chocolate Protein Powder 1 x 1kg Vanilla Protein Powder 1 x Glass Drink Bottle 1 x Recipe Book 1 x Workout Program Enter now to go in the draw to win. By entering this competition you agree to join our regular mailing list. We will email you from time to time with information on our products and special offers. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

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Our recipe uses lashings of research and integrity, formulated with your very best health in mind.


Our whey comes from 100% healthy and well cared for Australian grass-fed dairy cattle. Our suppliers have a zero tolerance policy for any act of animal cruelty and the farms are routinely audited to ensure they are complying with excellent animal care standards. The dairy cows graze on the lush pastures of the south-western coast of Victoria. Being certified pasture-fed, means that for at least 70% of any year the cows diet consists of only the naturally occurring grass in the field in which they live. Outside of this, at times of the year when grass does not flourish, they are fed green vegetation (known as silage). In rare and extreme conditions such as drought, the cows will be fed Australian grains as a means of preservation.


We want to provide something truly enjoyable that will benefit your health, wellness and fitness. We will go to whatever measures necessary to do so. This means we don't go for cost cutting alternatives at the expense of your best interest - your health. We also won't use trickery to have you believe that you are consuming something good when in fact it is not. We will always be honest and provide you with all the information about our ingredients and the reasons why they appear in our products.


We are only interested in foods that are real, and don't mess up our gut flora. There is a problem in our current food industry that values dollars over health, and this is why we are having so many issues with the natural functions of our bodies. We make sure that our tastes are real which is why it's SO YUMMY. Our vanilla beans are straight from the vines and ground finely. Our cocoa beans are harvested organically and made from traditional methods for an intense flavour. The reason why the finest restaurants in the world use farm-to-table ingredients is simply because it's better. This is why we do this too.