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Rachael is a marathon enthusiast, health & well-being guru and visual artist. She loves experimenting with ingredients to make delicious and unique flavours to strengthen her immune system and support overall health. When she's not making art, she's training for long distance running and developing innovative ways to optimise wellbeing!

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How to Start Exercising: Empower yourself with fitness.

A lady is stretching her hip flexor peacefully in a gym class

Getting into exercise can be intimidating, and for most people, that intimidation is the major roadblock that stops them from getting started. Here are our tried and true tips on getting past it...

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Getting into exercise can be intimidating.

For most people, that intimidation is the major roadblock that stops them from getting started.

So, what can we do to get past it?
Let's break down some of our favourite tips


Start out slow and steady.

There's nothing wrong with easing yourself in. If anything, easing yourself in is going to be way more successful in the long run than throwing yourself in the deep end.


Choose exercises that make you feel confident.

Confidence is key when it comes to exercise, but it doesn't happen overnight, so choosing activities that make you feel confident, or even modifying so you feel more comfortable is more than okay.


Schedule workout days in your calendar.

Let's be real when saying, "I might try to go to the gym tonight" usually means you won't. Putting it in your schedule, making it a habit, and part of your routine will work wonders when it comes to creating consistency. Make sure you stick to it! Even if you end up doing something easy, like walking or stretching.

*Remember* 80% of success is showing up!!


Pair your workouts with an activity you already enjoy.

Listen to a podcast, pop some Netflix on while you're on the treadmill, blast your favourite playlist, pairing things you already enjoy create the kind of positive reinforcement that will help you stick to it. 


Allow time for recovery.

Pushing yourself past the point of where your body is at, is never going to help. If anything, it's going to make things a lot harder. We don't know who needs to hear this, but it's okay to take the time you need to recover.


Make sure you pair your exercise with a realistic and beneficial diet or nutrition goals. 

Exercise is nothing without getting enough hydration, sleep and nutrients. Remember, it’s actually healthier and better to eat MORE (of the right foods) 🥗 to keep your metabolism going. If you are trying to lose fat, you can actually eat more, and be in a caloric deficit. Fill your plate with plenty of nutrient dense veggies,  and pair it with low GI carbs, good fats, and high amounts of protein. You're better off with decreasing your intake of sugary and high processed foods.

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