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Ashleigh is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and owner of Feed Your Future Dietetics. She holds a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Human Nutrition. Ashleigh is also a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Ashleigh was an elite gymnast as well as an elite rock climber where she represented Australia for five years. She believes everyone deserves to live a life of health and wellness. Ashleigh is passionate about helping people achieve their highest quality of life through nutrition, mental health and exercise. For more info: or follow her on IG or FB @FeedYourFutureDietetics.

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    Fueling your golf performance.

    Fueling your golf performance.
    Do you enjoy a regular game of golf? Apart from practice what fuel and fluids you include in you pre, during and post a game can influence your performance and recovery.

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    Having a strategy which ticks all the boxes can allow you to maintain lean muscle mass, prevent hunger during a game, promote recovery, prevent dehydration and potential harmful effects of loss of both fluids and electrolytes.

    Below is a strategy you could use to help optimize your golf game.

    Golf Nutrition Basics

    Each 5 holes or every 60-90 minutes you play include a protein and carbohydrate rich snack. This could include:

     reduced fat cheese with crackers (40g cheese is a serve and 2-3 crackers is a serve of whole grains)

    • Plain or fruit scones or pikelets with a tablespoon of peanut butter (no added salt or sugar)
    • Air popped popcorn (30g = 1 serve of wholegrains) with a handful of nuts

    Each hole take a sip of your drink bottle which, especially if it is a hot day or you are a heavy sweater, you should consider including an electrolyte supplement.

    Breaking Down the Course

    Considering your body’s needs at different points in the course at hole 5 include a carbohydrate rich snack like a banana, 40g dried fruit or two slices of fruit bread.

    By hole 10 onwards you want to include a carbohydrate and protein snack like a peanut butter sandwich, or a smoothie made using Australian Natural Protein Company Whey Protein. When you reach hole 15 snack ideas could be a handful of nuts with a banana or 3-4 protein balls.

    Another great idea is making some muffins made with Australian Natural Protein Company Pure Whey Protein to make sure you are giving yourself quality protein as well as a carbohydrate source during your game of golf.

    Find our recipes to make delicious protein rich snacks here: Aus Natural Protein Recipes.

    Take home message: Golf is a challenging game and ensuring you are fueling and replacing lost fluids and electrolytes will help you to play your best game of golf.

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