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Rachel is an Exercise Scientist, Fitness Trainer, Wife and Mum to two beautiful daughters. Having been qualified in exercise science for over 25 years, she's been fortunate to work alongside some of the leading authorities in the fitness industry. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge in health and nutrition, through her significant amount of evidence based research she has conducted throughout the years.

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Best time to consume protein??

Best time to consume protein??

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Dr Oliver Witard, Senior Lecturer in Health and Exercise Sciences, University of Stirling, SCOTLAND, kindly clarified one other oft asked questions for us too...

How critical is the timing of protein intake in relation to exercise for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis?

Answer: Not as critical as it is often portrayed.

Studies have shown that consuming a protein source one, two or three hours after resistance exercise simulates a similar response of muscle protein synthesis in post exercise recovery.

So whether you are taking in protein immediately after exercise, or a bit later, its all good!

You’ve got 3 hours so you can lie on the ground in the recovery position after your hardest session, take that shower, and dawdle back to work before you take your protein!

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