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Stacey is a Melbourne based Qualified Nutritionist & Accredited Health Coach. Her personal health journey started due to a never ending cycle of having digestive issues, skin problems, a lack of energy, low immunity, moodiness & unwanted excess weight. She began to remove toxins out of her life and embraced natural living. She is extremely passionate about reducing the toxic load on our bodies and realised that it doesn’t have to be SO complicated. Feeling great is what mother nature intended for us! Learn more:

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    Artisan Protein Brownies

    Artisan Protein Brownies

    Oozy melty chocolaty goodness 🥹 Could this be our favourite clean shnack yet?

    Put your hands together for Artisan Protein Brownies for the most moreish sweet treat yet! It features our star, Organic Artisan Cocoa Protein Powder, with plenty of protein, super clean high quality food and plenty of yum.

    🚨WARNING🚨You’ll want to make a double batch because we guarantee you won’t stop eating them. We've had incredible feedback on this recipe!

    Supercharging your brownies is with protein powder is such a delicious nutrition hack. Using the best ingredients, means that you can pile in important nutrients to fuel your body in the most efficient way. Don't forget.. you are what you eat... literally.

    We added our Organic Artisan Cocoa Grass-Fed Protein for this recipe because it's got incredibly high quality artisan cocoa blended with our grass-fed whey protein. Our Organic Artisan Cocoa Protein Powder, uses only the finest quality single origin cacao beans which have been ethically sourced and then roasted in small batches using traditional equipment and artisan methods.

    This allows time for the beans' inherent flavour to emerge (without depleting its nutrients, much of the cocoa out there is SOOOO heavily processed that all of its nutrients are basically killed). We source our cocoa from a local NSW cocoa roaster by the way 🇦🇺

    In case you needed a reminder why grass-fed whey is better, here are 6 short points to consider:

    🌱 More omega-3 fatty acids, CLA & Vitamin E

    🌱 More naturally occurring micronutrients.

    🌱 Tastes creamier & better texture.

    🌱 2520mg of Leucine per serve (optimal for muscles).

    🌱 Sustainable regenerative agriculture.

    🌱Happy free-range cows 🐄 grazing on lush Aussie pastures.


    Who doesn't love brownies??? This is a no brainer.

    Find this recipe in our Healthy Protein Recipe Ebook Vol. 1.

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